Well I am not one that enjoys just part of the story so here is the conclusion of the building moving project. If you followed the youtube videos (more located on youtube at: you saw 4 brave men, 3 tow trucks, 2 buildings and 1 amazed me! The WHTC site is approximately 15 miles away so the caravan of tow trucks make the trek onsite. I drove up the road about 1/4 mile (well it's probably not that far, but it feels like it), parked and ran back down the road to guide the trucks up. I was met by the tow truck (with nothing in tow). They had come up the road to survey the land. By this time they were shaking their heads. The road is dirt, and about 12 feet wide. We decide to go for broke and send for the first smaller building. After holding our breath, it made it to the top and was deposited. The concern was for the large building. Twelve foot road, 12 foot building. See the problem? Because of the height of the building on top of the truck, there was great concern for the not-too-big but overhanging pine trees that formed a canopy over the road. The decision was made to try to move the building as far up the road as possible without causing damage...BACKWARDS for fear that the  building could not go all they way up, and they didn't want the wrecker stuck with no way out. So backwards we started. About 20 yards up the road we realized we were going to need to do some cutting. We stood there wishing we had a chainsaw. Then I realized, there was an ax in the building. So one brave professional leaped the 6 feet off the ground into the building to retrieve it.

Slowly, slowly, slowly they backed the building up as we cut and dragged trees out of the way. To everyone's surprise we made it to the top of the road with only minor damage. One window screen was torn and one corner of the trim was slightly bent. But success! Two buildings, and an ax are now onsite at WHTC.

Stay tuned for the next project. We will be building hexayurts and drilling a well next! Contact us if you are interested in coming out for the next project or build.

12/9/2008 01:34:36 pm

I'm soo proud of you LaRahana. I'm writing an entry about you on my blog. Hey, if you haven't already, PLEASE read the book: "Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us" by Seth Godin.

It's a short, GOOD read that'll jazz you.



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