With a little restoration work, it will be a functional part of WHTC!


Onsite at Davis Farms with Kim, Jim, Naomi and Benny!


The weekend onsite trekking included Egypt the dog!


A lot has been learned working besides Naomi and Peter who are the backbone of the Pleasant Hill Community Garden. I have worked with them for several years. The garden produces organic produce that is distributed to the elderly and disabled in the community. Community gardens are sprouting up in many communities and offer an excellent way to become acquainted with gardening. Here are some wonderful pictures of things I found this morning while weeding a few of the beds.

Lakota Winter Squash

Red Hill Country Okra

Gourds that will eventually be used as art projects

Roses from the Memorial Rose Garden

...and another


The Open Toolbox in partnership with the World Help Training Center conducted the first demonstration build at the Market on the Green in Macon Georgia yesterday (10/18/2008). We had a great time and built a scaled model (dog house size :) ) of a Hexayurt.