World Help Training Center...What is it?

The World Help Training Center is an ecologically centered convertible community near Macon, GA. It is sited on 30 acres and the community is currently working on residential housing and agricultural planning in advance of the 2009 spring planting season.

World Help Training Center is a living training center and Micro-Community ("The MiCom") created to serve the training needs of individuals preparing for sustainability based development projects around the world. The Center will focus on providing training in how to develop affordable alternatives of sustainable, ecologically friendly and economically attainable communities. Within the Center, our specific focus will be on construction, agriculture and light husbandry, alternative energy, clean water, transportation and micro-commerce. The MiCom is designed to be a micro-community developed on the model of an intentional "convertible community."

The MiCom will be comprised initially of the members of the Center's development team and their families but in general it will be made up of individuals who: a) are concerned for the practical dimensions of sustainability, b) share a common intention of spiritual, physical and emotional growth and wellbeing, c) are concerned and committed to focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of sustainability, and d) are committed to the development of internal commerce that will fund sustainability. We anticipate that initially all MiCom members will work for the Center, but initially many may work off-site or have their own micro-enterprises that can be managed onsite. In addition we anticipate that initially there may be Center employees that do not live within the MiCom, but the eventual goal will be that all Center employees live within the MiCom.

We strongly hold that the Center and MiCom will be a living laboratory that never fully completes or realizes our ideals because they will be continually evolving. New ideas and technology will challenge us to continuously implement new and challenging techniques and training programs within the Center and the MiCom. Because we hold this true, we believe the Center and MiCom will be a place for continued learning, research and the resulting growth.

The ultimate goal of this project is to educate and facilitate environmental, community and spiritual renewal.


Check out the pictures from our most recent work day!
We are preparing for groundbreaking and still need to do lots of clearing work. On 1/19 we were able to completely clean up the Civil War era cemetery onsite.

Great work and thanks to all the volunteers that braved the cold, brought out tools AND coffee!

GOOGLE MAP will give you the best directions using an approximate address of:
2401 Marion Road, Macon, GA 31217

Take I-16 to exit 6 (US-23/US-129/Golden Isles Hwy/Ocmulgee E Blvd (.3 mi). Make a right at the bottom of the exit ramp onto GA-87/Ocmulgee E Blvd/US 129 Alt/US-23 (go 1.2 mi.). At the fork in the road take the slight left onto Marion Road. Continue approximately 2 miles , crossing the bridge over the interstate and beyond. LANDMARKS - on your left you will see a newly constructed log cabin. The next drive on your RIGHT will be the property location.