While not related they both pose ver interesting stories about how this week is unfolding at WHTC.

On Sunday afternoon, the StuffIt Container lady was to deliver the storage pods out onsite that contain a quite eclectic mix of stuff. Our time was arranged and the first pod was loaded. We parked her truck and the pod at the entrance of the property to survey the potential spots. No one slight problem in sight. The toads had supported the movement of two bui buildings onsite. The buildings had both beem empty and the weather had been consistently dry. On this past sundy there had been several days of rainy and damp weather and there were some obvious signs of it on the road. The left side of the red clay road had been gouged with the rainwater runoff. Btu it looked manageable. So I left her to her delivery business and  drove off only to receive a call before I could reach the interstate saying that the truck was already stuck. I returned and looked at the muddy mess. The truck had slidden to the left, into the gouged trench and was up to th rear axle in mud - blocking the ENTIRE road. Only reverse seemed like an option, but the spinning wheels nor the boards were an effective solution. So having done all we could...we left. I dropped her of at her vehicle and we decided to try removing the stuck truck on Monday morning.

On Monday morning I received a call saying that a truck with chain was no match for the mud and that another wrecker was being called to pull her wrecker out of the mud. We secured a flat, non-muddy space down the road to place the pod.

My confidence was rewarded as I returned to the property later in the morning to find the road clear and passable, albeit with a few more deep gouges from the wrestling match that I can only imagine that was required to free the truck.

So what does that have to do with lost phones? NOTHING! The continuing saga is that upon returning on Monday onsite I managed to lose my phone in the woods. I had no idea where I had lost it, only that the day had been rather quiet and I had not heard it ring. This morning I decided to retrace the path that I had followed with the visitor and dog, Egypt yesterday. And there it was! Under the fallen tree that I had limbo'd under yesterday; a bit moist frm the light sprinkles and fog, but working nonetheless!

This week has definately started with its own excitement. I cant wait for the rest of the week to unfold!

11/8/2010 08:54:44 am

He was not, is not, and will never be a superstar.


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